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What Our Clients Say

Big Thank You to the entire team at First Column

Big Thank You to the entire team at First Column. First Column has been a great partner especially in the recent challenging times. Many words come to mind such as collaborative, comforting and prompt. We have looked to the gang to iron out the small hiccups but I am truly humbled by quick response to our recent upgrade/remote access needs.

First Column understands small business and they take the time to understand our business. If there is one word to describe their contribution to our success today, that word would be “invaluable”. From our team, to everyone at First Column: Sincere thanks!

Jim Magno

Peace Of Mind, Best Customer Service, The Only Way To Go.

Knowing that First Column IT is constantly monitoring our computer systems and server takes a lot of stress off our plate. Being in the Healthcare field, it's not only important that our system is secure for HIPAA reasons, but also that it is constantly functioning the way we need it to! Our entire office is run through computers, including all patient records. If it crashes, we can’t deliver health care effectively or efficiently. 

First Column IT has the best customer service! They care about their customers and always make sure they are taken care of. They communicate well and often. We never have to wait around if something needs to be addressed or fixed! 

If you want to feel secure about your company's IT functionality and security, First Column IT is the way to go! We've been a client for years and they have never let us down!

Lindsey B.

Keeps Our System Secure, All Around Expertise, Trustworthy.

The single biggest benefit of working with First Column IT is peace of mind from Managed Services. Thank you for the excellent and immediate service we receive.

First Column IT keeps our system secure, an area in which our previous provider was lacking. The all-round IT expertise, trustworthiness, and care from your team have made us loyal customers, and we are very appreciative of all you do for us.

To those considering First Column as their IT support, you will not be disappointed in their IT knowledge, excellent care, and fairly priced oversight provide to their customers.

Cecelia G.

Great Response Times, Has Been Wonderful

Working with First Column IT means not having to worry about long down-times and delays - Issues get fixed. Our office is a fast-moving machine servicing our members and the community we serve nation-wide. With First Column IT Managed Services, many foreseeable problems are prevented before they happen, and unseen problems are dealt with promptness.

There is always a technician to talk to when a call is placed for service or inquiry and I love the client portal which allows for monitoring service requests. The technicians are knowledgeable problem solvers who stay abreast of changing technologies and provide the best customer service.

My experience with First Column IT has been wonderful!  Working with A great service provider is just good business.

D. Pierre F.

First Column IT Is The Best!

The excellent preventative maintenance, response times, and resolutions problems provided through managed services from First column IT continue to provide ongoing benefit. In addition, pricing is reasonable and cost savings are tremendous when compared to hourly rates which really add up.

First column IT has a fantastic system for communication. Calls are answered by a live person, the tracking system for support tickets saves time and you can email the problem, they acknowledge receipt and assign it to a technician. We are then notified when the issue is resolved.

I was an IT manager for 15+ years and so I know how important and tough it can be. Trust me when I say First Column IT is the best! They have long-time employees that are excellent technicians and will go above and beyond to insure systems are up to date, secure and running smoothly.

Tessa C.

Quick Response, Peace of Mind

First Column IT gives me peace of mind and simplifies my decisions around technical issues in our offices. One of the biggest benefits of working with First Column IT is the quick response and easy communication through calls and service tickets. I would highly recommend First Column IT and believe you have nothing to lose with improving your IT. Just do it.

Veronica H.

Peace Of Mind, On Our Schedule

The managed service agreement from First Column IT provides me with peace of mind. The Professional and customer first approach insures all issues which arise are treated with a high priority, while working around our schedule. The team is extremely helpful, pleasant and intelligent. Working with First column IT will be the best decision you ever make, just do it.

Many thanks to you and your staff for taking such great care of our IT needs.

Elizabeth Z.


Why do I call First Column?  Without a doubt, they are reliable, personable, patient, accountable, and provide consistent, efficient solutions to a variety of technical concerns.  The very best in the industry.


Quick Response, Highly Recommend

Being a Sales Office, we must have our server and computers running at top performance. With the Managed Services Agreement from First Column IT, we find that when we have the need for support, they are there to help, which extends our overseas office. They have a great Team of knowledgeable technicians able to assist with your issues. 

The team has a quick response time and willingness to provide great recommendations for upgrades to hardware and software when and if needed. I would highly recommend First column IT, you will not be sorry.

Roxanne F.

Caring, Exceptional, Diligent.

Running a successful firm in the nation's capital requires little (or no) IT downtime.  First Column IT has provided this along with an incredible response whenever we have any IT issue.  While there are several talented IT providers, First Column's spirit, diligence, and responsiveness separate the adequate from exceptional.  They really care about their clients and this shows through their work.

Merritt G.

Trusted For Years, Great Staff Top To Bottom.

Great people at all levels of the company! We have used First Column IT as our IT provider for years.

Recently, I worked side by side with many of the technicians to install a new LIS as part of our laboratory expansion and renovation project. They are knowledgeable, accommodating and always available. I appreciate their rapid response, excellent technical support and helpful recommendations for new products our lab needed.

It was a challenge for us to coordinate all phases of the laboratory project (which included cabling, wiring, network upgrade and hardware installation) while maintaining regular business operations, but First Column made it easy and seamless. They go above and beyond to offer the most efficient and affordable solution to any issue we encounter.

I would highly recommend First Column IT for your technology needs.

Ons Z.

I Trust First Column IT To Actually Do What They Promise.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we have several legal requirements for data protection. A breach would cost us significant losses, not to mention bad PR and legal fees. For this reason, we trust First Column IT to safeguard and monitor our network. They ensure we cover every requirement of the ISO 9001 certification, giving peace of mind, and allowing us to focus on running the business and taking care of our clients.

First column IT will do what they promise, for this reason I have brought them with me when I changed companies. I can depend on them to listen to what we need, adapt to any situation, and give valuable recommendations. 

Stephen G.

Consistent, Excellent Service, With Consistency.

The First Column IT managed services agreement provides us with consistent, excellent service.  Monthly charges are known and all technology problems my company experiences are solved.  The team at First Column IT is always available to fix problems, regardless of complexity… either remotely or, at our offices when necessary.  As my company has evolved, First Colum IT has been there; from early days when they had to upgrade my basic system to the advanced network that we now operate over several states. First Column IT is consistently ahead of issues that might arise, be it software issues, aging technology, or new cybersecurity technology.  They really know their business. 

It is great to work with a friendly company.  The whole team works to help out, all the way from the help desk team, through to the owners.  If there is a problem with your system or service, they will take all the time necessary to find the source and get it solved.

Joseph VN

Customized Service Offering, Cares About Customer

First Column IT is willing to work with us and adapt their service to meet the changing requirements of my company’s needs. The team stays on top of the task at hand and gets the job done correctly. First Column IT cares about their customers which is evidenced through their work.

Aaron M.

Personalized Attention, Quality Service, Provides Stability.

Moving to a managed service agreement has allowed for routine oversight and a proactive approach promoting timely and effective problem resolution. The additional collaboration and synergy between our team and first Column IT has created confidence that our system is stable and backed by an experienced and professional provider.

We have been particularly impressed with the personalized attention to our needs and the time and patience given to our unique demands by the knowledgeable and customer centric staff. Being a skeptic who does not like change I was concerned when another technician was assigned to us. However, we continue to receive the same quality service.

As our firm continues to grow, I appreciate the role First Column has played in our success. First Column IT is a good fit for many reasons, but above all, they provide stability that is so important today and over the long haul. Kudos to the First Column IT team!

James M.

Trusted For 6 Years. No Regrets. Boosted Productivity.

The managed services from First Column IT continue to boost our productivity. The ongoing support keeps our IT system spinning like a top at a fair price. First Column IT outpaces competitors by their upbeat professionalism, wicked wrap-around IT knowledge, and timely service delivery with exceptional results.

Absolutely no regrets with our decision to come under First Column IT’s service umbrella—going on six years and counting!

Jennifer V.

Committed, Effective Communication, Outsourcing Well.

Since moving to the managed services from First Column IT I am not worried about IT issues and we have a better handle on our technology spend going forward.

First column IT has a committed and well sized team of staff and technicians who communicate effectively and are available to get issues solved quickly. Outsourcing well is better than paralyzing IT issues occurring.

Bruce V.

Hassle Free, Helpful Team, Personalized Customer Service.

I like the Managed Services Agreement because it is hassle free. There is no need to worry about the number of service calls put in, having one monthly fee is great!

Unlike previous experiences at other IT firms where I would be bounced around or must wait for my service tech, I feel that everyone at First Column IT can help me. You might find an IT firm that can handle the needs the same way, but it would be hard to find the type of personalized customer service First Column IT provides. Everyone is friendly, helpful and attentive.  Great customer service!

Rhonda H.

Personal Contact, Responsive, Great Choice

The personal contact from First Column IT has been great. When I call to place a ticket, a live person answers and we can discuss the issue detail. No matter who we talk to, the ball the gets rolling and the issue worked on until it’s completed. A ticket can also be placed via email and tracked which really lets you know what progress is being made. First Column IT is a great choice, as no one could be disappointed with their service.

Christy E.

Excellent Response Time, Integrity Above Reproach

I have worked with First Column IT through two different companies since 2006. I really appreciate the excellent response to any IT need and the easy work process as I am not technologically savvy.

We are an accounting firm and must be proactive about client confidentiality. In this respect, First Column IT has shown integrity above reproach as they manage our systems. I appreciate your candor in providing a best-case recommendation. These solutions are well communicated allowing the client to understand implications of the suggested IT solution tailored to their budget and requirements.


The convenient email ticketing system allows for quick and easy requests for support.  Most tickets are resolved within the same business day and there is no worry about ‘by the hour’ billing for something that is tangled up!

The courtesy and respect shown by the officers of your company, the First Column technicians, your office staff and dispatcher are just amazing! I can’t say enough good about your firm; work quality has been first-class.

Peggy S.

This is the only IT firm I will ever use or recommend!

This is the only IT firm I will ever use or recommend! Kevin, Chris, Luke and the rest of the crew have helped me both personally and professionally and I couldn’t be happier. I purchased several Dell computers from them and was impressed by the customer service, quality of work and price. They have also helped resolve issues my last IT company created. My network is now ridiculously fast thanks to FC!


Outstanding technical ability, responsiveness, and A class people.

I've worked with many I.T. firms over the years in the legal industry and these guys are the best. Outstanding technical ability, responsiveness, and A class people. Would highly recommend them to any business.

Chris S.