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Employee Spotlight: Aaron Landry


Aaron and his family are, for the most part, Virginia natives. As an Air Force brat, he grew up on many Air Force bases on the East Coast.

His parents left the Air Force and settled in VA where they have lived for quite some time. Aaron and his wife, Joan, have been married 10 years and currently have 3 kids. Child #4 is due to arrive Oct 1st (the shipping and handling costs are an arm and a leg, and they will be paying it off for the next 18 years or so.) Their current children are Aiden (9), Xarles (6) and Rhylee (3). Aaron's primary duty is as a Professional Services Technician. This means you will most likely see him come to your office to help with the more hands-on physical aspects of helping keep your business running smoothly.

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Monday, July 06 2020

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