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Help Your Employees Understand the Value of Technology

Help Your Employees Understand the Value of Technology

June 28, 2024

Your business depends on technology, but it’s rare that all employees at an organization understand the importance of it. More often than not, technology is so ingrained into operations that employees can get overwhelmed by it. Today, we want to share three top tips that will help your employees better understand the technology they use on a day-to-day basis.

Keep It Simple

Most IT admins lose their employees’ understanding of technology with one simple assumption: that employees know even the most basic of concepts surrounding tech. It’s better to use the K.I.S.S. method and keep things as simple as humanly possible. If your processes are too complicated, employees might not understand them or have a solid grasp of their importance. Take the time to clearly explain why things are done the way they are rather than delegating without an explanation. This will help your employees put things into perspective and fully grasp their importance.

Train Them

A well-trained employee can complete tasks much faster and with more precision than one who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s not a new concept, but it is one that can cost you significantly if you fail to use it to your advantage. While it takes time to train your employees—time that could be considered costly—it costs much more in the long term if you fail to train them properly. If you want to minimize the costs of training your employees, you can consider outsourcing the responsibility to your company’s software provider, as they are likely more experienced in the use of the software and far less busy than your in-house experts. You can also have your employees shadow your senior users who are more experienced in a mentor-mentee dynamic.

Prioritize Collaboration

SMBs know that they have limited resources at their disposal, making it harder to compete with larger organizations in their community. The best way you can do so is through implementing tools that make collaboration easier. If your team can collaborate effectively, they will be less likely to get tripped up by any situations where they don’t know how to use technology. If you want your team to succeed, you need to not only provide tools, but encourage them to collaborate while using them.

No solution you choose will resonate with everyone, and we think that’s an important fact to highlight. As a business owner and decision maker, you need to be prepared to make unpopular choices for the betterment of your business. While you can take measures to mitigate it, understand that some folks are just going to be impossible to please. Aim to understand their confusion and frustrations, then use this understanding to provide better training that can address their issues.

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