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Managed IT Support Services for Small Business

“An in-house IT team needs salaries, benefits, and training. And upgrading an IT infrastructure means research and buying costly new hardware and software. There is a better solution for small business IT”

Outsourced IT Services that Reduce Costs

Professionally managed - or co-managed - IT services can give your small business a competitive edge. We will take care of all the IT security and technology on a fixed monthly budget so you can stay focused on your customers. Our IT services for a flat fee are based on how many users you have so budgeting for growth is very easy. We have served small businesses for 20 years throughout the Northern VA and Metro DC area, from 10 – 150 employees.

Already have some internal IT staff but still need IT support, have special IT projects, or are larger than 150 employees? Our Co-managed IT services team can work with your staff by custom tailoring services for your specific IT needs.

Post-Covid IT Solutions – Work from Home (WFH) Technology for Small Businesses

For many small companies, their IT technology platforms and infrastructure have become their new “office” as they transition primarily or partially to virtual work from home settings. Employees working from home have become the new normal.  However, cybersecurity threats and IT support issues have grown- and changed- significantly in the new work-at-home environment. Small business offices have become more vulnerable. The new cybersecurity default stance is now “Zero Trust” – Any network a user is working from should be considered unsafe and data must be protected at the same levels no matter where they are connecting from. Top cybersecurity risks include ransomware attacks, weak passwords, file sharing and unsecured home Wi-Fi networks.  We are well versed in establishing a secure hybrid IT infrastructure that serves both home-based and office-based employees. Not sure where to start?  Call us for free audit and proposal. 

Our Managed IT Services for Small Business in VA, MD, DC

  • Cybersecurity audits & solutions - training & awareness, MFA
  • Serving 10-150 seats, fixed monthly costs
  • IT consulting, special IT projects
  • 24/7 monitoring, helpdesk support
  • Co-managed IT for small businesses
  • Cloud storage, work from home hybrid IT solutions
  • Office 365 migrations & support
  • Data recovery & backup solutions
  • Small business software training
  • Hardware upgrades – hardware as a service (HaaS)
  • Network assessments, upgrades & overhauls
  • Free consultations in Virginia, Maryland, and DC


Don’t know what hardware, cabling, or maintenance your business currently needs?

Our Managed IT Services Include:

Advanced Security Services

IT Consulting

Whether you want to bend the ear of an expert or need a dedicated vCIO to catalyze growth and structure, we have exactly what you need. Our team has decades of experience advising, leading, and implementing strategic blueprints to take a concept and bring it to life for businesses of all industries and sizes.

Advanced Security Services

Co-Managed IT

Already have an IT team in place? We offer excellent co-managed IT services that extend the capabilities of your current team and can offload meticulous upkeep to give your internal team room to focus on critical and strategic thinking.

Advanced Security Services

IT Project Work

Have a complex, specific need for one-time managed IT services? Our team can execute even the most daunting of IT projects with ease, efficiency, and intention. Simply define your goals, and we’ll get right to work advising you on the best products and techniques to implement your unique solution.

Advanced Security Services

Hardware as a Service

With dozens of specifications and variations of products, it can feel nearly impossible to get exactly what you need. First Column IT can source hardware that will meet the functionality your business needs without stress or excessive add-ons. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll advise on, deliver, and implement the perfect products.

Advanced Security Services

Small Business Managed IT

An in-house IT team needs salaries, benefits, and training. And upgrading an IT infrastructure means research and buying costly new hardware and software. There is a better solution for small business IT.


Have a project in mind?

Start with our free consultation for VA, DC and MD companies. We will provide a detailed proposal and firm quote based on your specific IT support needs. All at a predictable monthly cost per seat.
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