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How Biometrics Can Help with Payment Processing, and Why Some Users Are Worried

How Biometrics Can Help with Payment Processing, and Why Some Users Are Worried

November 29, 2023

Self-service checkout registers are incredibly popular with Gen Z, and while there are differing opinions on them and their impact on the workforce, there’s no denying that they are here to stay. That said, there is much discussion on whether or not biometric payment processing would make for a more efficient method of checkout. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t, and it’s not welcome for either consumers or organizations.

Amazon One Palm Recognition Experiments with Biometric Payments

The world’s biggest online retailer also has brick-and-mortar stores, and there have been efforts to expand these offerings by providing more services. For instance, Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery locations give customers the ability to pick up prepared meals and groceries, all while just using their mobile devices to charge their purchases to their account. This simplifies the shopping process and makes it easier for customers to get what they need without the hassle of visiting the store.

On a similar note, Amazon Style once offered storefronts for selling clothing, and the company has also purchased Whole Foods for organic grocery options.

The most recent implementation Amazon has made to expand further is Amazon One, which is a biometric palm recognition technology that they are testing in the Seattle area. It is used at Whole Foods and Starbucks locations on a trial basis, as well as some convenience stores, retailers in airport terminals, and sports stadiums like Lumen Field.

How Welcome is Amazon One?

Biometrics usually makes things more secure and convenient, but despite these benefits, not all are on board for Amazon One. In fact, three-quarters of consumers are uncomfortable with the technology, and this number has only recently shown improvement over the past few years.

This solidifies that privacy and security are an evergreen concern for individuals. This could show improvement as younger generations grow to become a more prominent part of the consumer body, but as of right now, you’ll want to consider how differences in generational ideologies will change your consumer base, and the technology you provide to make their experience more manageable.

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