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How to Make Your Conference Room the Place to Be

How to Make Your Conference Room the Place to Be

January 3, 2024

The conference room for any business is bound to be pretty interesting, and it can tell you all there is to know about a business. This is why it’s especially important to ensure your conference room gives the right impression, especially if you have clients who frequent your office. Let’s go over how you can make your conference room the best it can be!

Keep it Clean

No one likes a messy conference room, so take some time to clean it up every so often, especially before important meetings. Using it for storage is well and good from time to time, but you should be able to quickly get it into a presentable state at a moment’s notice. Really, you should be trying to avoid letting it become your go-to storage space, as this habit can quickly snowball out of control. Your conference room should be a comfortable space for meetings and presentations whenever such an event occurs.

Make Sure the Wireless Works

If you’re going to have a conference room, you’ll want to make sure that your wireless network extends to it to avoid spotty connections. In fact, we recommend that you have your wireless access point located right in the conference room to practically guarantee that anyone within it has proper access. Ensure your network is segmented out so that you can grant guest access, as well, without putting the rest of your network at risk of slowdown from guest activity. We recommend that you make it easy for guests to connect to your network, providing QR codes or NFC chips that allow guests to connect with a simple scan. It also helps to have the password in plain sight, too.

Have Wireless Peripherals to Control Your Tech

Your conference room will likely have screens in use for presenting, so you can take things one step further by having wireless devices, like a mouse or a keyboard, available for use in the conference room. This will make presentations, collaborations, and other uses for the technology a lot easier to handle. You might have a mini PC set up as an endpoint, which will be connected to all of your technology. Keep in mind that this device will need to be secured and monitored the same way any other device on your network would.

Optimize for Audio and Video

Of course, there will always be times when you have a meeting and someone cannot be there physically, requiring them to remote in through video conferencing. In moments like this, you’ll want to have solid audio and video to ensure high-quality meetings. There are solutions out there that integrate with your current IT infrastructure. We’ve seen devices that sit in the middle of the table, like a phone or a small tablet, that can easily be moved around to ensure clear audio and video, as well as control over the meeting at hand. These will help everyone feel like they can contribute to your meetings.

Let’s Modernize Your Conference Room Together

A conference room is a great place to show off your business’ best features, so don’t let your technology hold you back. To change the way your business conducts meetings for the better, call us today at (571) 470-5594.

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