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IT Management is Just Part of What We Offer

IT Management is Just Part of What We Offer

March 17, 2023

There are a few options out there for businesses to turn to for IT management. Many hire an in-house IT team, and many of them suddenly find that their in-house team is exceptionally busy. Some may even find that not everything is able to be accomplished by this team simply because of how many challenges are on the ever-growing docket. Fortunately, these businesses have another great option to turn to, in addition to their in-house team: managed IT services.

Small businesses could do a whole lot worse than turn to COMPANYNAME and the managed IT services we offer. What follows are four reasons we’re so confident in saying so.

Two Words: Cost. Savings.

Speaking candidly, managed IT helps save businesses money. Not only are internal IT workers expensive to find, interview, and onboard, they are expensive to retain with all the stress they are so often under. Burnout is very real, and the IT department is no stranger to it.

Plus, technology is notoriously expensive to maintain as well, particularly if your strategy is to exclusively replace technology when it breaks. With the help of managed services from a trusted provider like us, you’ll have more affordable access to an entire team of IT professionals ready to assist your in-house staff with their responsibilities, working proactively to help eliminate issues before a problem starts.

Security. Need I Say More?

Network security is a complicated thing, with dozens of moving parts and considerations to keep in mind. There’s a constant race to keep everything up-to-date and patched, along with the constant threat of outside forces worming (sometimes literally) their way in. This is all before we mention the unfortunate fact that, intentionally or not, your own employees can create security issues.

This is why the expertise of an MSP can prove to be such a great asset. Our team can tackle your cybersecurity needs on two fronts, both reinforcing your network to preventatively keep as many threats as possible out and helping train your team to be more secure so that they don’t invite threats in. On top of all this, we can help keep an eye on your network via our remote monitoring and management tools.

Improved Performance

As technology gets older, things tend to slow down a bit and work less well than they once did. We can step in to help avoid these effects, proactively maintaining your technology and nipping budding issues…well, in the bud. We’ll make sure that your infrastructure is appropriately patched and up-to-date, and all without having to leave our offices and interrupt your team by arriving in person.

Our Team Will Be Available to You

Speaking of our team, you’ll be able to leverage their capabilities the way that you best see fit. Is your internal team too busy working on big initiatives to help the rest of your team with small issues as they pop up? Or perhaps you’re dealing with the opposite? Maybe you don’t currently have any IT resources, and have been reliant on the services provided by another provider who gets there when they get there.

Outsourcing even some of your IT needs to First Column IT can help solve so many operational issues, making work a more straightforward and less stressful experience for everyone.

Any way you cut it, having a relationship with a managed service provider like us is likely to result in greater success. Find out more about how we can help you accomplish more by giving us a call at (571) 470-5594.

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