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The Most Common and Frustrating Errors to Make with Your Technology

The Most Common and Frustrating Errors to Make with Your Technology

September 29, 2023

With the right technology at your side, you can ensure that your operations, productivity, and customer satisfaction are maximized. However, even with all these benefits, small businesses make mistakes, particularly in regard to the implementation process. How can your business overcome the hurdles that stem from improper technology implementation strategies? Let’s take a closer look.


Failing to protect your critical business infrastructure is basically inviting hackers to attack your business and put all that you have worked so hard to achieve at risk. Small businesses often see themselves as smaller targets than larger enterprises, investing less in cybersecurity. This is a mistake, and it could have considerable impacts on your bottom line and reputation.

The Security Solution

Tools like firewalls, antivirus software, and security audits go a long way toward keeping your business safe. You should also invest some time into training your employees and learning more about the latest threats and technologies at your disposal.

Cloud Computing

Small businesses that limit themselves to on-premises operations are doing themselves a disservice in today’s increasingly connected world. The flexibility that the cloud offers gives your business countless opportunities to save money and improve operations, provided it is implemented correctly.

A More Effective Approach

You should start thinking about cloud computing in a small sense, starting with your non-sensitive data, then gradually moving toward more important data and applications. You will want to research potential solutions to see if they meet your specific budget and needs, giving preferential treatment to solutions that allow for data backup and disaster recovery to keep important information safe.

Hardware and Software Updates

To keep your hardware and software working as intended, you must work to implement security, performance, and compatibility updates as they are released. Small businesses might choose to forego these updates, either because of the labor issue or because they don’t have IT help to begin with, but failing to implement them only exposes your organization to more risk factors and operational problems.

Establish an Update Process and Timeline

We recommend you implement a schedule for your software and hardware updates so that they are done in a timely manner. Make sure that you are keeping track of manufacturer recommendations for your devices and software to update them before they reach their end-of-support dates or have exceeded their anticipated lifespan. Additionally, plan ahead by working these updates into your budget well in advance.

Mobile Optimization

Many businesses utilize mobile technology like smartphones and tablets, meaning that any organization that does not optimize their services or web presence for mobile is doing themselves a significant disservice. The end result could mean lost customers or less online visibility, hindering growth and profits.

Use Mobile More Effectively

If you can make your website and online platforms more mobile-friendly and responsive, you’ll be providing a better service to your customers. You can consider implementing a mobile app that works for your business needs, too, and you can use your website’s mobile analytics to make design choices and decisions in this regard.

Data-Driven Analytics

Small businesses collect data that often goes unutilized. This is one of the single greatest missed opportunities your organization might experience, and it could hold you back from experiencing growth and innovation.

Your Data as an Asset

With the right data analytics tools and platforms, you can start to leverage your data for the better. You can start by hiring staff or training your team to make more data-informed decisions, all of which can help you make great strides forward. With information like customer behavior, market trends, and business performance at your disposal, you can make better decisions that will improve your business in the long term.

Your technology shouldn’t be the biggest operational challenge your business faces, and with First Column IT by your side, it won’t be. To learn more, call us today at (571) 470-5594.

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