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Three Qualifications You Should Look for in an MSP

Three Qualifications You Should Look for in an MSP

May 8, 2024

Many small and medium-sized businesses have serious difficulties when they try to balance their technology needs against the limited resources at their disposal. Fortunately, this serious issue can be resolved effectively by working with a managed service provider (or MSP). The approach that these professionals take outpaces the value that more traditional forms of IT support have been able to offer—whether that support is through an external provider or even an in-house team.

As we offer businesses of AREASERVED this kind of managed IT support and service, we wanted to share three reasons why this is the case.

First: We Work Proactively

Instead of Solving Problems, Managed Services Prevent Them

Historically, business technology support has always been reactive. A business dealing with a technology issue could call in and have someone come to fix it. While this was the best option for a while, it came with some undeniable drawbacks. First, the support professional would have no way of knowing what the problem was until they had their hands on the device, which meant it would take longer to solve. That’s just the trade-off businesses had to make.

However, with IT companies like COMPANYNAME, we utilize enterprise-level tools so that trade-off was no longer required. Our services are based on preventing such problems from occurring in the first place…and when an issue does sneak by, the information that we gather makes it far quicker to solve.

This is Thanks to Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance Practices

We gather this information through the tools we use to remotely monitor our clients’ IT infrastructures, as it is always easier to prevent a problem than to fix its aftermath. As a result, our clients can work more productively, confident that their technology is maintained and updated properly without them needing to worry.

We Focus on the Future

Since we work as an extension of our clients’ businesses, we ensure that the future of their technology has a thought-out strategy behind it. Using analytics and our experience to guide us, we predict trends that might impact your business or risks that may arise. This way, we ensure that your IT and business goals are aligned.

Second: We Offer Our Experience

Add a Team of Technology Experts, Instantly

As we’ve established, an MSP works as an outsourced IT department for your business, and by serving a variety of clients at once, we offer our services at a much lower rate than the often-prohibitively expensive internal department. You get all the benefits while sharing the cost with the rest of our clients.

Take Advantage of the Latest and Greatest

An internal IT department tied to one business will often lack the resources to invest in the best tools for the job. An MSP doesn’t have these restrictions, which enables all of our clients to benefit from advanced solutions in cloud, security, and business continuity much more affordably. 

Custom Approaches to IT

Your IT resources must match your needs and capabilities, which we will help you with through a tailored strategy. We’ll keep your needs in mind as we design an approach to your business technology that works for you.

Third: We’re Budget-Friendly

Our Services are Priced Consistently

A managed service agreement is priced as an all-inclusive, monthly service contract. As a result, your IT costs are far more predictable and, therefore, easier to plan for and manage.

We Can Scale as You Do

With business growth, you will have different needs than you did when you first started. Your IT is likely where this will be most obvious. Our services are built to be scalable to our clients’ assorted needs.

You Want to Be Able to Focus on Your Business

Proper IT support is a huge endeavor. Working with us can take it off your plate, freeing you to focus on your operations and commit your energy to growth and success.

We can provide you with a consultation to determine your specific IT support needs. To learn more, call us today at (571) 470-5594.

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