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Voice over IP: Changing Communications One Office at a Time

Voice over IP: Changing Communications One Office at a Time

May 27, 2024

Communications are incredibly important for businesses, but it’s easy to let the other parts of your technology infrastructure take priority. One of the greatest ways businesses can prioritize communications and cut costs is by implementing a VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol) system. With the right setup, your business can revolutionize its telephony system and streamline communications across your organization.

What is VoIP?

When businesses started out in the past, they worked with their local telephone company to get cables run and installed across the organization’s office location for telephone ports and access. Employees would typically have to design their workplaces around the availability of telephone technology, as handsets were fairly limited in what they could do back then. Nowadays, however, there are more sophisticated telephone communications solutions available to businesses, including VoIP.

VoIP uses your company’s Internet connection to transmit calls in much the same way your telephone service would. Instead of a handset, you might use a headset or a smartphone application on your mobile device.

What Features Does VoIP Offer?

A better question is, what does VoIP not provide? Simply put, VoIP is your current telephone system, but better and more dynamic in every way. Your traditional landline telephone system has your standard functionality like call forwarding, voicemail, and so on, but VoIP cranks it up a notch with powerful and useful solutions like video conferencing, instant messaging, conference calling, and so much more. You can customize and implement the VoIP solution that fits your organization’s specific needs, whatever that happens to look like.

VoIP is Scalable and Flexible

One of VoIP's largest benefits is its flexibility compared to your standard telephone solution. With your typical telephone infrastructure, you’re limited to being productive in the office, but with VoIP, you can take your work number on the go with you on your mobile device. This makes traveling while on the clock much more convenient than alternative solutions.

Similarly, changing your telephone infrastructure is hard without knocking down a few walls and rerunning cables for more ports. With VoIP, however, you can add or remove users by creating or deleting accounts. It’s a simple, flexible solution that fits right in with today’s modern technology.

Get Started with VoIP Today

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