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With Cybercriminals Utilizing Psychology, You Need To As Well

With Cybercriminals Utilizing Psychology, You Need To As Well

November 17, 2023

Psychology—the scientific study of the mind and behavior—can provide some significant insights into which actions will ultimately be most beneficial to your company. What message will most effectively reach your clients, how can you inspire more motivation amongst your team, and what can you do to reach your goals more effectively?

Unfortunately, the modern cybercriminals that target businesses just like yours are going to be asking themselves the same questions. 

Enter the study of cyberpsychology (the study of how people behave online) and the insights it can provide in terms of how cybercriminals think, and how our defenses should be shaped in response.

Understanding Threats Makes It Easier to Defend Against Them

“Know thy enemy.” This advice from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has stuck around for a reason: it works. Understanding an opponent allows you to more accurately predict their behavior and build a strategy to counter their reactions. From the battlefield to the boardroom to cyberspace, this is a pretty stable constant, and illustrates how cyberpsychology can help make cybersecurity protections more effective.

That’s the goal behind efforts like the Reimaging Security with Cyberpsychology-Informed Network Defenses (ReSCIND) program, which has been implemented by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects activity (or IARPA). By studying the actions of cybercriminals, the program is intended to identify the weaknesses that these cybercriminals have and use them to minimize the efficacy of attacks and ruses.

For instance, by understanding how a cybercriminal is likely to act, it becomes possible to influence those behaviors and manipulate a cyberattack into being less effective by targeting dummy machines, all while defensive measures are activated and data about these attacks is collected.

While This Technology Isn’t Widely Available Yet, We Can Help Fulfill Its Role

While this kind of technology won’t be widely available for at least three to five years, that doesn’t mean you have no other options to help you improve your security. We’re here, for instance.

In addition to keeping an eye on your network to catch threats that manage to slip past the extensive cybersecurity measures we’ll maintain on your behalf, we’ll work with you and your team to help prepare them to spot signs of phishing attacks. We’ll do whatever we can to undermine a cybercriminal’s attempts to use cyberpsychology against you and your business.

Learn more about our services by giving us a call at (571) 470-5594 today.

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